Designer's desk with responsive web design concept.

WordPress is used widely by different bloggers nowadays as it’s free and super easy to use. There are lots of small businesses today that are using WordPress at the same time to reach out big group of people. It’s advantageous for people who don’t have much money or time to own a website or if you can spend little sum of money. You can get a domain name of your liking easily.

Let’s look to why you must consider using WordPress.

Reason number 1. Open Source

It’s self hosted and therefore, there aren’t additional costs that are associated with either upgrading or downloading. There are basically thousands of available plug-ins to be installed.

Reason number 2. Customizable

Among the reasons for using WordPress is preferred mostly because it lets developers and designers to modify and create layouts. This framework is flexible and a huge advantage.

Reason number 3. Designed for Everyone

Website Design Warrington is designed for everyone and not only for developers. It’s developed in a way that everyone will be able to make use of it. This way, not just bloggers and tech savvy individuals can take advantage of it. It’s also easy to use and then, there are lots written manuals online available for you to learn easily on how to use WordPress at its best.

Reason number 4. Lower Maintenance Cost

If you want to customize or develop your site even further, then it is easier to relatively find developers or designers for WordPress compared to others. For more info about web design, visit

Reason number 5. Search Engine Friendly

WordPress was intended to be search engine friendly. Therefore, it solves a lot of search engine optimization (SEO) issues automatically.

Reason number 6. Popular

Well, considering all features that WordPress is providing and to how simple it is to use, there is no doubt that it’s among the popular Web Design Warrington that are available today. There are literally thousands of professional quality plug-ins and themes available, which make it popular among bloggers and web designers.

Reason number 7. Mobile Friendly

There’s been major increase with the number of people who are surfing the internet using their tablets and smart phones. It isn’t surprising since nearly everyone today has a smart phone. Many of the WordPress themes are actually designed to become mobile friendly and thereby, making your site more user friendly since readers will not be challenged to use the site on their smart phone. And with this, it easily increases the volume of traffic back to your site.


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