What is wordpress?

WordPress is considered as the most popular content management system also known as CMS. It is popular all over the world. WordPress powers one out of five websites and it even helps at least 100,000 new websites every single day.

Here are the reasons why WordPress is best for websites:

A.WordPress is known as an open source

This just means that there are a lot of Web Design Warrington all over the world. These developers are working all day to improve the system and it does not even cost you any penny. They provide free feature update and security update every quarter.

Before open source is the biggest disadvantage of WordPress since nobody owns it and nobody is obliged to support it, however this actually became its strength. The developers of WordPress are  working hard to improve it twenty four hours a day.

  1. Does not have a problem with WordPress suppliers

The good thing about using WordPress is that you will not get locked down to a certain provider. Websites that are developed on a bespoke and unique system cannot move to a new provider, however this is actually not the case when you use WordPress. Website Design Warrington give you access to unlimited developers.

  1. WordPress can make SEO very easy

WordPress started as a blogging platform, then it developed and became a content management system or CMS. Now, it is much more flexible and it is just not used for blogging. WordPress are used by marketers and bloggers. Another reason why this is very popular is because it has a very effective Search engine optimization or SEO feature. This feature is in the core of the content management system. It is really hard to put a price on a good search engine optimization.

  1. WordPress is very easy to use

A lot of people are becoming more and more impressed with the new WordPress website. They are amazed since their new administration is much more straightforward. They can easily change the content of their website and publish articles. Another reason why people really love WordPress is that it is faster and easier to train new editors or employees when they join their company.  For more details about web design, visit http://www.cnn.com.ph/TECH/.

  1. WordPress has a lot of extensions also known as plugins

The developers have created a number of extensions for WordPress. These extensions are called plugins. Plugins are pieces of code that will extend to the inner functionality of the website in order to save the time of the developer. These plugins are usually free.


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